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International Services Advisory Board

In January 2024, the Office of Global Learning International Services launched a campus advisory board made up of Cornell students at every level. The board's recommendations enhance the international community’s experience at Cornell by helping International Services refine and expand our services and programs. 

We hope you’ll consider sharing your advice and experiences as a member of the  board. Reach out to us by email if you'd like to join. Find out more below.

International Student Advisory Board

The new International Student Advisory Board includes Ithaca-based international students from across Cornell’s colleges and schools, representing a range of cultures, disciplines, and experiences. Members have the opportunity to share their insights, learn about the university’s inner workings, engage with fellow students and Cornell units, and make a lasting impact on Cornell’s international community.

Members represent the international student body at Cornell. All international students—undergraduate, graduate, and professional students—studying on the Ithaca campus are eligible.

Area of Responsibility

The board’s charge is to assess services provided by International Services and provide recommendations to improve operations, including perspectives on what is working well and potential opportunities for growth and change.

The board will decide whether to convene at least one open forum per year to discuss international community issues or to seek other venues for broader community feedback.

Terms and Expectations

A term is one academic year. Members in good standing may return for succeeding years. You must be available to attend in-person meetings during all regular semesters of your term.

Members are expected to think critically, ask difficult questions, engage in dialogue, and work with myriad cultures. Consistent participation in the board's meetings and activities is expected.

  • Meetings are held on campus twice each fall and spring semester and typically last one hour.
  • You will be required to communicate regularly with International Services administrators between meetings.
  • Changes to the board’s charge and membership composition may be made at the discretion of International Services.

How to Apply

If you are committed to internationalization at Cornell and would like to serve on the International Student Advisory Board, we invite you to contact us.

The student board is capped at 12 members. We will replace a limited number of board members each year—a highly selective process. We expect applicants to be willing to dedicate time and effort to being an active board member. When you apply, you must pledge to contribute as an active member for one full academic year. 

Apply by Email