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Where Will I Live?

For Visiting International Students

Some visiting international students live on campus, but many live nearby in off-campus housing. The choice is yours, but be sure to do your research before you make a decision.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing at Cornell is available to full-time registered students and includes traditional residence halls, program houses, and cooperative housing.

  • Residence Halls: In recent years, Cornell has experienced an increased demand for traditional on-campus housing, and as a result, residence hall housing is not usually available for visiting students. Students wishing to apply for on-campus housing should apply early via the online application system.
  • Program Houses: These themed residence halls offer the chance to develop and immerse yourself in interests with an engaging community of residents.
  • Cooperative Housing: For an alternative to the traditional Cornell housing experience, some students choose to live in one of eight university-owned cooperative residences. The co-ops are unique, collaborative communities governed by their student residents, and are among the least expensive housing options on campus.  Members determine house rules and participate in daily operations, including routine cleaning and maintenance. Membership is handled independently by each house.

Off-Campus Living

We know that finding a place to live in an unfamiliar city can be stressful, especially when you are trying to do so from another country!

Here are some resources that may be helpful:

  • Exchange Students: We offer an exchange housing program to help our exchange students from partner institutions with their search for housing. We hope this will take away some of the uncertainty of the process and allow you to focus instead on your upcoming studies at Cornell. Approximately 50 percent of all exchange students take part in the exchange housing program. If you are interested, please contact your exchange coordinator.
  • Visiting International Students: Students who wish to search for their own off-campus accommodations should begin their search right away, and they should be aware that it can be difficult to find one-semester leases near campus in the fall, in comparison to the spring when there are usually sublets available.

Tips to Help You Research Off-Campus Accommodations

  • Make sure to research each listing carefully to determine location, cost, duration of lease, etc.
  • Look for an accommodation that is within three miles of campus so that you have easy access to campus and public transportation that allows you to participate fully in the campus community.
  • Research how frequently buses service your location, to make sure you will easily be able to get to and from campus.
  • Exercise extra caution when using public resources such as Craigslist or Facebook—anyone can post an ad on these types of sites. The postings are not vetted, and sometimes there are scams, so use discretion and common sense when searching for housing on a public website. 
  • Review the length of the lease. If you are coming to Cornell for one semester, look for something that does not require you to sign a 12-month lease.
  • You are responsible for carefully researching each advertised listing you are interested in; you should seek advice and ask questions if in doubt about a particular listing.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Cornell University does not endorse any landlord or property listings on the resources above that are marked with an asterisk (*). Students should view properties in person and read the entire lease contract before signing it or paying any money. Cornell University assumes no responsibility for disputes between tenants and the website providers, or between tenants and any landlord or property.

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