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Academic Terminology

U.S. colleges and universities use so much academic terminology or jargon that it can seem like college officials are speaking another language. Learn about the terms that…

Good Samaritan Protocol

Cornell’s Good Samaritan Protocol (“Good Sam”) aims to reduce the harmful consequences caused by the use of alcohol or other drugs. Under Good Sam, those who call for help—and…

Safe Party Planning

Laws around drinking alcohol in the United States are likely different than in your home country. Learn about the laws, as well as how to hold a responsible social gathering.

Cornell Is Gorges

A gorge is a deep valley with cliffs and steep rocks on each side. We have two gorges on our Ithaca campus. While the gorges are wonderful for recreation and hiking, they can…

Inclusive Community

Cornell is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning, living and working environment for all members of its community. We share the responsibility for…

Driving in the United States

Your foreign driver’s license is valid in New York State. If you plan to drive while you are in the United States, we encourage you to learn how to drive safely.

Driving in

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