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Stephen Capobianco

Stephen Capobianco

Stephen loves to travel and learn foreign languages, he is fluent in Italian and Spanish and has studied, formally and informally, Mandarin, Japanese, Swedish, French and Portuguese. Prior to joining Cornell in 2015, he worked at Binghamton University as a Study Abroad Coordinator. He has been fortunate to visit over a dozen countries in Latin America, Europe and East Asia.
He holds two degrees from Binghamton University, a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Spanish language and literature and a Master of Public Administration. Also, he is currently working on a Ph.D. in Community Research and Action, which has offered the opportunity to research, teach, and present in an international context.  

Stephen has had a variety of international education experiences, from secondary school exchanges and programs in China, Italy and the UK, to undergraduate coursework in Spain and a graduate-level program in China. 

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