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Picture of Nora Matland

Nora Matland


Nora Matland serves as the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator and has oversight of Office of Global Learning’s marketing and outreach strategy as well as print and online publications and social media.  A blogger herself, Nora coordinates the Voices from the Office of Global Learning Blog Journalist program. She helps lead the broader student outreach team with the aim of reaching as broad and diverse a group of students as possible.

Nora has spent much of her twenties living and working abroad. She studied abroad for a year in Madrid, spent two years in Namibia as a Peace Corps Volunteer, volunteered on a farm in France, and then worked at a study abroad office before joining a startup in Berlin where she focused on branding, content marketing, and social media planning. In all, it was her year as a study abroad student that remains one the most influential times in her life. Nora is passionate about languages (if you speak Spanish, German, French, Italian or Norwegian, stop by and say "hi!" She always loves to practice) and when she is not practicing her languages, she is translating old cookbooks for her blog

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