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While You're at Cornell

Meet the Advisors
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Guidance for Visiting International Students

Several advisors at Cornell work with visiting international students:

Scott Beemer: J-1 student interns
Julia Franke: Agriculture and Life Sciences exchange
Kristen Grace: Human Ecology exchange
Tamara Ingram: Industrial and Labor Relations exchange
Brandon Lanners: Engineering exchange

If you have questions about the program you are interested in, contact the advisor for that specific program or college.

Staying Safe
A tril steward patrols the gorges of Fall Creek and Cascadilla Creek on the Cornell campus
Be Prepared

Cornell is a caring community.
We view safety as a responsibility and a priority shared by everyone in the university community.
There are many resources available to you that will help assure your safety during your time at Cornell.

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Helping You Succeed

An important part of doing your best at Cornell is understanding the vast resources available to you.
The university offers a variety of campus services to support you, including academic and technology support, health and wellness services, career development, local and regional transportation, and many more.

Before You Return Home
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Your Transition

When your study abroad time at Cornell comes to a close, you might be tempted to focus on your accomplishments and simply relax. But there are many details you need to address to prepare for a streamlined exit from Cornell, Ithaca, and the United States.

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