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Who are my advisors and what do they do?

Your college advisor is a key contact for you as you plan to study abroad. Every college has specific academic policies and requirements, and it is important that you understand what they are. For example, are you required to enroll in a certain number of credits while you are abroad? Can you earn credit toward your major or minor? Can you transfer distribution requirements? Are there specific language or area studies requirements for study abroad? You can schedule an appointment or email with your college advisor to ask these types of questions.  

Global Learning Education Abroad also has four advisors, who each manage a specific portfolio of programs by region. Which advisor(s) you meet with depends on the program(s) you are interested in. There is a possibility you will want to meet with more than one advisor. Global Learning Education Abroad advisors cannot discuss specific academic requirements with you. They specialize in application and program information and pre-departure (logistical) preparations for study abroad. 

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