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Visiting International Students: Choosing Your Program

How do I find a professor to host me as an intern at Cornell?

​​​​​​A good first step is to talk to professors at your home institution. Cornell has connections around the world, and you may be surprised to find out that a professor at your school already has a connection to Cornell. If not, read more about the research that is being done at Cornell to see if your interests align with a professor or lab here on campus. Your next step is to reach out to a professor to find out if he or she is interested in hosting an intern.

Can I study at Cornell even if my school does not have an exchange agreement?

​​​​​​Yes! You can apply to come to Cornell as a visiting student. Please note that you will be responsible for all fees associated with your stay at Cornell.

Does my school have an exchange with Cornell?

​​​​​​First check with the exchange coordinator at your home institution to find out if Cornell has an exchange agreement with your school. You may not be eligible for an exchange, even if Cornell does have an agreement, if your major is outside the terms of the agreement.

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