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Exchange Programs

For Visiting International Students

Finding My Options

Cornell University offers numerous exchange programs for students who are enrolled in universities outside the United States. Before you begin planning your exchange to Cornell, contact your home university to confirm that there is an exchange agreement.

Exchanges are coordinated by these Cornell colleges and schools:


If your home institution has a formal exchange agreement with a college at Cornell University, you can apply to participate in the Exchange Program.

What you need to know: 

  • You must be nominated for the program by the exchange coordinator of your home institution and meet the specific exchange program requirements (GPA, language level, academic level, etc.). 

  • You can be nominated to study at Cornell for one or two semesters, per the formal agreement between the two institutions  

  • Once nominated, you will be contacted with further details on how to apply. 

  • Your application must be accepted by the college at Cornell University to which you are applying. 

  • If you are admitted as an exchange student at Cornell, you will remain enrolled with your home institution and continue to pay your home institution tuition. 

  • The academic program you undertake may be credited toward your degree, as per the formal agreement between the two institutions. 

Important Dates and Deadlines 

Each college and school at Cornell maintains its own deadlines for exchange applications. You will be notified of the deadlines after your home university has nominated you. 


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